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Female employee stocking inventory shelves.

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Field photo of the John Deere X9 Combine

Introducing the new X Series Combines

This is Harvesting to the Power of X

Explore the X9 Combines
Hand holding mobile device.  On screen display shows a man riding a lawn mower and the yellow button says 'Add to Cart'.  Green John Deere logo hat in the background.

Buy Online and Get Free Delivery

On Select Models for a Limited Time

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A smiling man on a John Deere lawn mower.

We All Run Together

Right now, it feels like the world is standing still. But if you look to the land, it’s a different story. Discover the stories of six Deere owners who are still giving their all to the soil because the land never stops.

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Skid steers, mini excavators and a compact track loader line up on a jobsite with a blue sky background

Low Monthly Payments on Select Compact Construction Models

Easy on the wallet.
Tough on the job.

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Farmer climbing into cab of farm equipment.

COVID-19 Response:

We’re committed to safeguarding our employees while continuing to provide vital support to our customers, those whose efforts keep food on our table, a roof over head, and all of us connected.

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Half of excavator image, other half is hand-drawn octopus tentacle.

John Deere for Kids

Let them build something … like their imagination.

Visit our Kids page for fun online activities, printable coloring pages, and virtual field trips to help beat the heat and summer boredom.

Jason Sherron, assembly manufacturing engineer, holds PUSH protective handles made from PVC pipe to fit over assembly cart handles.

Getting a Handle on Coronavirus

John Deere engineer, Jason Sherron, used everyday items to create protective handle covers.  The "Personal Use Safety Handles" prevent the spread of germs as assembly line carts are handled by multiple factory employees as they move down the assembly line.

A Bentz Boat on Lake Powell

Tour Lake Powell With Jet Propulsion

Each season, visitors come to Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas near Page, Arizona, to enjoy the lake and explore some of the geological wonders.

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